New Site

Writing is easy; all you do is stare at the page until drops of blood form on your forehead. And so I start this blog. Clearly, if you cannot tell, this blog will contain articles about gaming, specifically table top miniatures and board games. Maybe even a few digital games will slip in here and there as well. This is the Sanity Studios blog so we will include specific articles about paper miniatures and Bellicose Fantasy Battles. We will include articles about construction, basing, storage, and more for paper miniatures. Posts will also include personal ramblings on gaming and pet projects but they should still be somewhat game, or at the very least “geek”, related. I can’t promise any consistency, however the articles I do write will be thoughtful and thorough… maybe.

Why not just make a Facebook page for this (we do have a Facebook page but admittedly it’s not very well updated)? One reason is that I can customize the theme of WordPress to match our branding instead of trying to force my content into the narrow limitations of the Facebook design. Also, I like to own my content instead of selling my soul to Facebook, even though I know there are over one billion users. You can still consume my blog through other services. I recommend Flipboard, or if you like to roll your own, I’ve heard that has some great functionality (I’ll try to consistently tag posts so you can make some rather interesting recipes). Of course there are also many good RSS readers such as Feedly. I like these services because they aggregate all your personal feeds.

Feel free to leave comments. You can also interact with me on the Sanity Studios Twitter Feed. Yes it is a service controlled by someone else, but I don’t feel that the content posted there is so compelling that I need to control it. (I view it more as a shoutbox than a content distribution service).

Yes, I wrote this custom theme. No, it is not for sale. But if you pay me enough I might make you one. It is probably cheaper though to go here.

AGOS Convention

Sanity Studios attended Utah’s largest board game convention, A Gathering of Strangers. We meet a lot of great people and even got in a few games. If you missed it, we took some pictures of the event. We look forward to seeing all of you there next year.