Before playing a game of Bellicose Fantasy Battles, players need to decide what characters, monsters, and other mayhem-wreaking units they will field in battle. Planning can be meticulously or hap-hazardously done. Most players will want to go back and tweak their army list after play. Planning can be a very enjoyable part of Bellicose as players envision their enemy being crushed by the various options chosen for the battle. However, the best laid plans can come to naught.

Before planning an army, the players decide how large they wish the battle to be. A typical battle is 100 points per side and will give 2-3 hours of enjoyment. Of course, larger or smaller armies can be created if the players so desire. Every model, or group of models, is given a point value and players then choose units to include in their army. Larger point values signify more effective and powerful units.

When planning an army, the selection is split into two generic groups: troops and commanders. Troops are the basic rank and file models while commanders are single models that lead units into battle. Both groups are further broken down and governed by their own selection rules.

Common Troops At least 50%
Uncommon Troops Up to 25%
Scarce Troops Up to 10%


Generals per 100 points 1
Captains per 100 points 2

A typical army of 100 points can take a single general and two captains. The army must also include at least 50 points of common troops and may take at most 25 points of uncommon troops and at most 10 points in scarce troops.

Many units can be customized with equipment. Commanders may also join some units further boosting their potency. With the numerous unit options and customizations, each game of Bellicose can be drastically different even between the same two armies.