After an army has been planned and assembled, the troops must find their way to the battlefield and hopefully find the terrain favorable to their plans. Setup includes placing out land features such as hills, forest, and buildings as well as deploying an army’s units to the board. A battle can be played on any flat area measuring at least 4′ x 5′.

Battlefields don’t need terrain, but it can greatly enhance the tactical strategy throughout the game. Any household items can be used, such as books or bottles, but many other high-quality options are available. Please check out our Paper Modeling Links for a list of suggested terrain products that are easy to build and very cost effective.

Terrain is fairly easy to set out. Simply place two or three medium sized pieces (about 5” in diameter) for every 100 points on the battlefield. All terrain should be placed in a way that is acceptable to both players and have any applicable rules, such as movement penalties, agreed upon before deployment begins.

Players choose a side of the board and then roll a die. The player who rolled highest begins deployment by placing a unit within the deployment area. The other player then chooses a unit and places it within his deployment area. Play alternates until all units are on the battlefield. Whoever began deployment will also take the first turn in the Movement Phase. The battle is now ready to begin.